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GEMZ side tables

Decorative side tables from solid wood

Simple beauty of solid wood fits in most interiors. This simplistic but very interesting piece of furniture was created from scrap wood which resulted from tree trimming. The design of the side tables follows the traditional craftsmanship of chain-saw carpenters which highlights the rough texture and sketch-like shape of the tables.

Gemz tables juxtapose two elements – a coarse texture of natural wood and straightforwardness of the graphic lines, randomness of handwork and a rigid inner system of the mineral. The shape of a mineral actually serves here as an inspiration. Just like wood, even minerals change through time, they grow like everything else on Earth. During the crystallization there is a geometric grid which has its regular arrangement.

The effort to understand how such a mineral comes into existence is mirrored in the shape of the tables. We used solid wood intentionally, which, being architectonic material, gets into interior in its raw form.


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