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Wabi Sabi Bowl

The simple beauty of two elements

The Japanese art of aesthetics teaches us that true beauty lies in the imperfection, random nature and variability of things. For a European concerned with design in a completely different cultural context, this finding will be a big shock. We are always looking for quite the opposite: perfection, durability and immobility are common values ​​for us. Maybe the time has come to rethink that view. Maybe the old masters of the Far East have not yet had the last word.

Take a look at some beautiful inspiration from the world of wabi sabi.

This time we did not sit at computers or play with mathematical curves then produced by machines. We tried a new, simple and natural way of working. We decided to breathe new life into old objects. We placed them in a different context. We allowed sensitivity and chance to work. The resulting design is simple and beautiful. It retains a huge amount of pure energy. A steel bowl in an oak stand demonstrates a simple shape and principle. We allowed two different elements to influence us—balance and tension at once. The coincidental and inexact nature enhance the beauty of such things.
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Material: black wrought iron and oak
Dimensions: 35x35x15 cm
Status: prototype 24.03.2016
Price: on request

Would you like to cooperate with us? Contact us on Facebook, telephone +420 603 298 488, or e-mail: office@architects.cz


Would you like to cooperate with us? Contact us on Facebook, telephone +420 733 546 097, or e-mail: office(at)architects(dot)cz.